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A 30 minute program introducing the youth to Wado Ryu Karate.  Ages 5 -12.  We put everyone through the program so that we can evaluate their ability and interest.  In that class we do many balance drills, strength training and basic Karate techniques.  We also provide videos on YouTube for their at home studies.



A 45 minute program where they learn both Wado Ryu Karate and Menakaryu Aki Jujutsu.  They cannot enter the class without passing an entrance exam permitted after they have accomplished the first Kata and basic kicks and punches that are taught in the Kids Karate Program.



A 1 hour program where they continue learning Wado Ryu Karate, Menakaryu Aki Jujutsu, and now Sword training (Bokken or wooden sword).  The student must have an invitation to test into the class.  This entrance exam not only includes skill it includes the ability to meditate (sit quietly) respect, honor and discipline. If students do pass, and later show signs of disrespect, they will move back to the prior class.  This class if for those that are serious about receiving what martial arts has to offer.



Adult Karate is for ages 12 and up, and is comprised of three class levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. While all new students will start in the Beginner class, we recognize that many people have different levels of martial arts experience and may learn at different paces. We will work with each student to adapt to their individual needs as they become part of the Samurai Training Academy family.

All Adult Karate classes contain a dynamic physical component designed to enhance both strength and balance. Students will begin their training in Wado-Ryu Karate by learning basic punches, kicks, stances, and katas. At the Intermediate and Advanced class levels, the techniques become more complex, sparring is introduced, and students are trained to meet more rigorous standards.

The art builds upon itself as the techniques become more advanced, so an understanding of the fundamentals is crucial.



Our Aiki-Jujutsu classes are for adults ages 12 and up. Younger children have Jujutsu lessons as part of the curriculum in the Young Samurai and Bushido classes. Jujutsu is known as “the gentle art,” meaning that the skills and techniques do not depend on an individual’s physical size or strength and do not rely on strikes, like punches or kicks. The secret of Jujutsu is based in strong posture and relaxed focus.

Our Jujutsu program contains a dynamic physical component that is both challenging and suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. You will learn skills and techniques that will enable you to turn an attacker’s aggression to your advantage while also honing your balance and your physical and mental sense of self.



We train in 3 types of sword art: Kenjutsu (wooden sword), Kendo (sword with armor), and Iado (sword drawing). Classes are for adults ages 12 and up, subject to Renshi’s approval. The basics of Kenjutsu are taught to kids in the Bushido class. Sword is not as easy as it looks; it takes a great degree of focus, effort, and posture. We prefer that you have some basic martial arts experience before you attempt to practice sword. Jujutsu was created to take the sword from an attacker, making both of these arts complimentary. While sword may not seem as practical as our other arts in today’s world, it is a Samurai tradition that strengthens your spine and your spirit. When practiced diligently, the sword becomes an extension of yourself and all of your prior training.



Our instructor James takes you through various types of Meditation styles to help you develop your own style of meditation.


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